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Biosafety Information Repositories

This page provides links to the other Biosafety Information Repositories


The FAO GM Foods Platform is a simple online platform to share information on safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant-DNA plants authorized in accordance with the Codex Guideline for the conduct of food safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant-DNA plants (CAC/GL 45-2003, annex III adopted in 2008). This Platform also facilitates the effective utilization of food safety assessment in situations of Low Level Presence (LLP) of r-DNA plant materials in food.

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OECD-BioTrack Product Database

OECD public database allows regulatory officials and other interested stakeholders to easily share basic information on products derived from the use of modern biotechnology, as well as some products with novel traits acquired by the use of conventional breeding or mutagenesis, that have been approved for commercial application in at least one country, in terms of food, feed or environmental safety.

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Asia BCH Family

Asia BCH portal is a network for Asia BCH Family countries to enhance the utilization of BCH, to improve the CPB implementation, and to implement the roadmap. It also supports Asia BCH Family countries to closely communicate with regard to the preservation of biological diversity and the promotion of safe usage for LMOs.

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International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications

ISAAA is a not-for-profit international organization that shares the benefits of crop biotechnology to various stakeholders, particularly resource-poor farmers in developing countries, through knowledge sharing initiatives and the transfer and delivery of proprietary biotechnology applications. ISAAA's global knowledge sharing network and partnerships in the research and development continuum, provide a powerful combination of science-based information and appropriate technology to those who need to make informed decisions about their acceptance and use.

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